Friday, June 30, 2006

Goodbye Five Zero Romeo

This spring, I made the decision to sell the old Cessna. I had very mixed feelings about that decision, and went back and forth between hoping I'd find a buyer soon just to get it over with and hoping that it would take a while to find a buyer so that I'd be able to continue flying it. Fortunately and unfortunately, I did find a buyer and last week, I gave him the keys and off he flew with Five Zero Romeo! I felt quite forlorn as a watched them fly away!

I don't think the idea that it's gone has really sunk in yet, although I know that tomorrow morning, I won't be able to just run up to the airport, hop in the plane, fly around the San Juans and stop at Friday Harbor for lunch!

I'm not giving up on flying for good, although Bev and I have a new project we're both excited about. We're preparing to build our little vacation cabaƱa on the property we bought near Dominical, Costa Rica. In September, we're going back to meet with the builder and hopefully, we'll get construction started this winter.


Blogger The Caretaker said...

WOW! That's major news. I'm sorry to see it go; but excited about your Costa Rica project. It sounds like fun.

10:22 AM  

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